About Us

About Us

Company History 

Steel Eagle, Inc. was formed in 1993 with two major goals in mind. The first goal was to make available new distribution channels that were not available to its twenty-year old parent company and the other was to innovate and bring dynamic new products to the market. We adhere to both of these goals religiously. 

Our Mission:
To be a customer driven company, providing a world class product for industrial and commercial cleaning and storage applications.

To be a company with the courage to build partnerships with our customers, while at the same time seeking the most advantageous avenue of distribution, that will ultimately  provide the best value for our end customer.

Our philosophies reflect the Christian values of the entire Steel Eagle family.

The first major innovation involved the introduction of stainless steel hose reels to the high-pressure cleaning industry. Following the stainless high-pressure hose reels was the adjustable flat surface-cleaning tool. Steel Eagle secured an exclusive right to this patent in 1993 and changed the rotary concrete cleaning market with its spun aluminum decks. They performed flawlessly, and looked great too.

We then introduced the most dynamic tool of all. This tool not only cleans but also picks up the water when the environment or regulations do not allow the discharge of cleaning effluent into the standard waste stream. This vacuum Reclamation System called the "Clean and Capture System" utilizes a patented flat surfacing cleaning tool to which Steel Eagle holds the exclusive patent rights for distribution in the United States market. Needless to say, Steel Eagle has had a major impact on the flat surface cleaning industry.

Our newest products focus on the Fire Service industry. We have recently introduced Fire Service Booster Reels and Fire Service Slide-In units to the fire industry. This market, like all other markets we're involved in, will see that when Steel Eagle enters the market things will change. Look for many new innovations and products to appear in the Fire Service product line.

Steel Eagle's history is one of innovation and quality. This heritage will continue into the future in all the products that carry the Steel Eagle name.


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