16" Floating Spinner - Steel Eagle

16" Floating Spinner

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16" Floating Spinner

"Little Floater" Surface Spinners!
NEW! Smaller, lighter and economical

These Steel Eagle floating 12" and 16" surface cleaners are ideal for small spaces and uneven surfaces: sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, patios, roofs, etc. The applications are endless!

The Floater uses force generated by your pressure washer to spin two spray nozzles at high speed, which maximizes cleaning on many different types of surfaces.

The pressure generated by the spray actually "floats" the small, lightweight spinner over the surface - just like a hover craft - so using a Little Floater is easy on the operator. And there are no wheels to hang up in small spaces or as the surface changes.

90 DAY Warranty. Competitively Priced


**Trigger Gun Not Included**